Scoot Boot Mud Strap Pack

$ 25.00

Scoot Boots Mudstrap

The Scoot Boots Mudstrap is designed to help prevent the boot being pulled off due to an overreach, or sucked off when riding through mud. The strap is made of very strong thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and is designed to stretch when placed under load, so the strap will not affect the horse’s pasterns if secured correctly. When the Mud Straps are used they replace the pastern strap and will fit on all scoot boots.

2 mud straps are included in the package.

Mud Strap sizing
220mm = XXS = boot sizes 00, 0
230mm = XS = boot sizes 1, 2
240mm = S = boot sizes 3, 4
250mm = M = boot sizes 5, 6
260mm = L = boot sizes 7, 8
270mm = XL = boot sizes 9, 10, 11