Serious/Double Treatment Wound Care Kit

$ 33.95

* Don't hit the trail, arena or your next event unprepared
* Have an EquiMedic USA first aid kit handy for emergencies
* Put safety first and protect your equine investment!
* Helps care for a serious wound at least twice
* 17 products/43 total items

EquiMedic USA mini disposable first aid kits for horses contain everything you need in one place to quickly and efficiently care for your horse's laceration/abrasion without having to search for what to use. They are extremely portable and easy to toss into your pocket, saddle bag, glove box, trailering tack compartment, barn box or anywhere else you can think to store them. Packaged in a convenient reclosable bag.

If you ever have to face a serious wound you're going to need some earnest products to help you deal with it. This Serious/Double Treatment Wound Care Kit meets the challenge! Contains 17 products/43 total items to help care for a serious wound at least twice.

medical towels
small sterile gauze pads
non-adherent gauze pads
non-sterile gauze pads
long-handled swabs
povidone iodine swabstick
betadine scrub
medium sterile gauze pads
wood applicators
antibiotic packets
hand sanitizers
alcohol pads
exam gloves
cohesive roll
saline wipes and
adhesive tape roll