"Shoeing In Your Right Mind" Book

$ 55.97

By Doug Butler

Shoeing in Your Right Mind details the most innovative farrier training system available today. This powerful training method will help you get your mind “right” to succeed in the farrier business. By learning how to access the power of the right side of your brain (the visual side) to “see” better, you will become more proficient in assessing conformation, achieving balance and shoe fit, and increasing your efficiency in horseshoeing. In easy-to-follow, step-by-step detail, Shoeing in Your Right Mind teaches you the keys necessary to take your horseshoeing skills to a higher level.

This book teaches you …

  • Mind shifts you must make in order to get your mind “right”
  • reasons why you need to acquire visual thinking skills
  • 39 specific exercises designed to help you master the five skills of visual perception
  • Visualization and how it can help increase shoe fitting efficiency by at least 30 percent.

This book teaches you the techniques, instruction and principles that will revolutionize farrier training in the United States and throughout the world. You’ll stay on the cutting edge of the industry with the skills you learn in Shoeing in Your Right Mind.