"Six-Figure Shoeing" Book

$ 59.95

By Doug Butler

Six-Figure Shoeing teaches you how to build a farrier business that will bring in $100,000+ a year. Creating a profitable and rewarding business is like constructing a building – it requires skill, experience and knowledge. Six-Figure Shoeing puts the essentials of running a business in a way all farriers can relate to – at any stage of their careers, including …

  • Current industry challenges and opportunities
  • Ways to advance your business knowledge
  • Organizational skills and systems for running your business
  • Strategies to market and expand your operation
  • What it takes to stay profitable and prepare for retirement
  • Keys to staying balanced while reaping the rewards of your efforts

When you spend time ON your business, not just IN your business, you’ll be rewarded with much more than financial prosperity. This book shows you how. Get Six-Figure Shoeing and Get Growing Your Business!

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