SL Mini Harness

$ 451.25
Zilco's SL range of harness is made from the same quality materials and designs as all other Zilco harness - elegantly proportioned to suit Miniatures, Shetlands and Small Ponies.

SL Harness is suitable for Dressage & Show, Scurry Driving, Marathon or Pleasure. It is light to handle, yet smart, sturdy and comfortable.
  • Bridle is specially designed to suit small heads. The brow band is a variable length to allow for thick forelocks and broad foreheads. The throat lash is set back from the headpiece. This is a safety feature to help ponies with thick manes and small ears from scratching their bridles off. The throat lash has extensive adjustment.
  • Blinkers are elegantly shaped to show off pretty little heads
  • D & slot end traces are supplied as standard, making them versatile for a range of different carriage types
  • The saddle is a treeless design to offer a comfortable fit for all types of conformation
  • All fittings are high quality stainless steel
Note: This is the standard set configuration. For non-standard set options, please contact Meader Supply. Ships in 7-10 business days.