Smart Tie Clip

$ 36.60
A safe, secure, convenient tool, quickly ties horses anywhere with just a quick release stop knot. Lightweight, die-cast aluminum clip is convenient for moving horses from one location to another.

Keeps horses safe inside the trailer and outside wherever you go. Plus, it provides just enough resistance for horses to feel tied and secure. If horses begin to panic, stumble or fall, the one-of-a-kind design allows horse the freedom to safely step back and feel a release of pressure.

Also ideal for trailering, cross tying in the barn, creating highlines for camping, watering, hanging hay bags and more. Portable to any location; no installation needed.

Just a simple pull of the rope easily adjusts the length to suit your needs. Use The Safe Clip with a pliable 1/2"-5/8" synthetic lead rope (cotton rope not recommended). Feed lead through eye of clip and around. Determine desired lead length and drop rope into adjustment position. Features tension screw to adjust resistance and a locked position for hanging hay bags and water buckets.

6-1/2"L; eye of clip measures 1-1/2" in diameter.