Sole Guard 210cc Sole Support & Protect

$ 29.48


Sole-Guard is a black liquid urethane that can be used in a variety of applications to produce an extremely durable pad on shod and unshod equine feet. It sets in 30 seconds, bonds to the sole and frog and can be used as a thin protective pad, or a thicker, supportive pad.

  • Auto-Mix Cartridge System
  • 30 Second Set Time
  • Liquid Urethane Adhesive
  • Bonds to sole, frog and pad to keep out debris
  • Provides cushion, dampens concussion
  • Fast, easy application
  • Consistent, predictable performance and set
  • Flows into all areas for uniform support and comfort

NOTE: Sole-Guard is designed for use without shoes and stays bonded to the feet for 2-3 weeks of light riding (more strenuous riding may shorten this time). This technique is not recommended for use on sore, lame or very thin-soled feet.

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