Soundhorse Heel Extension

$ 48.32

Designed with a rigid urethane sole and progressive rolled toe to help treat the flexor tendon flaccidity. This limb deformity is relatively common in newborn foals with weak flexor tendons and usually involves the hind limbs, although all four legs can be involved.

The Foal Heel Extension encourages a natural stance and growth pattern while muscle and tendon tone improve.


  • Elevates pasterns and supports the leg while muscle and tendon tone improve
  • Allows or promotes a natural growth pattern during corrective treatment
  • Prevents heel and pastern soft tissue abrasion injuries and protects heel bulbs
  • Allows natural hoof expansion and contraction
  • Fabric cuff system allows easy removal
  • Superior bonding with all acrylic adhesives
  • Minimal prep work
  • Rigid urethane delivers superior wear resistance
  • Urethane heel extension can be trimmed to required length
  • 25-30% lighter than metal extensions

Sold individually.