"The Carriage Trimmers' Manual" Book

$ 32.95

By William N. FitzGerald

This book was written in 1881 by William N. FitzGerald, a veteran of the carriage industry, was the most comprehensive addition to trade literature on the subject at the time of its publication. Rare, hard-to-find and long out of circulation, it is now back in print to inspire a new generation of carriage enthusiasts. For curators and carriage collectors, this in-depth and practical book is an invaluable resource that provides descriptive text and illustrations of numerous carriage interiors: from the everyday model to those suited for royalty. Furthermore, the book describes the complexity of materials leathers, silks, laces and range of skills (upholstering, tufting, stitching and binding, cutting enameled leathers, making leather sockets, welting, fabric selection, etc.) required for this branch of the carriage trade. It also includes recipes for cleaning, oiling and blacking leather, polishing metals and restoring ivory, among others. For conservators, restorers and dealers in antique furniture (especially upholstered 19th century furniture), this is an indispensable guideline and instructive manual for the upholstery trade in general. Tool collectors will benefit from the descriptions and illustrations of trimmers' tools such as stuffing sticks, round knives and shears.