"The Hoof Book: A Horse Owner's Guide to Demystifying Hoof Care" Book

$ 34.99

By Heather Beauchemin

 If you’ve ever read a vet report about your horse’s feet and wondered what language it’s written in, if you’ve ever wondered what your farrier is really thinking when they look at your horse, or if you’ve ever had a hoof question you’re too embarrassed to ask... You’re in the right place. The Hoof Book will take you through the anatomy and function of each part of your horse’s hooves, guide you through common maintenance questions, explain hoof pathologies and diseases, and even give you first aid tips for common hoof injuries.

Whether you are an experienced horse owner looking to brush up on the finer points of hoof care, or you are a novice preparing to purchase your very first horse, The Hoof Book will equip you with all the essential knowledge you need to make confidant, informed decisions. With over 200 diagrams and full color photos, you’ll learn how to spot healthy hooves as well as red flags for common hoof concerns. Clear, readable text uses everyday metaphors and examples to break down the most complicated conditions and explain the take home value of current research in the hoof care field.

For the horse owner who wants to be empowered to make informed choices to keep their horse sound and happy, this book is a must read.