"The Principles of Horseshoeing (P3)" Book

$ 224.00

By Doug Butler

The #1 Resource for Raising the Standard of Horse Foot Care. This updated, expanded third edition of The Principles of Horseshoeing (P3) brings a fresh new approach to learning the vital craft of horseshoeing – and much more! Written by two experienced teachers, this invaluable resource is the most complete collection of horse foot knowledge available today. Recommended and used by leading horseshoeing schools in America, P3 is a must for the library of every farrier, veterinarian and horse owner.

This comprehensive guide to horseshoeing includes these topics and more:

  • Introduction to the farrier industry and how to get started
  • What to look for when choosing a farrier
  • Progressive skill levels based on a unique matrix of learning
  • Anatomy, tendons and ligaments, foot structure and function
  • Foot diseases and treatments, causes and prevention of lameness
  • Front and hind limb conformation and unsoundnesses
  • Foot skills, pad selection and application
  • Shoe types and sizes; hot and cold shaping of shoes
  • Forging fires and heats; forging tool maintenance
  • Business skills, goal setting and tips for success
  • And much more