"The Shetland Pony Purchase & Care Guide" Book

$ 9.97

By Julie Anderson

Packed full of advice and information, “Shetland Pony: Purchase And Care Guide” offers the first time horse owner a step by step progression from the first enquiry through to purchase and care of their animal. This book takes the reader through the different stages of buying or loaning a Shetland Pony and then covers all the requirements essential for care whether the pony is being kept on a livery yard or at home. This book covers all bases – feeding, watering, grooming, grassland management, veterinary care, breaking in a young horse, travelling and transport and saying goodbye – so that the reader can understand the challenges and excitement of owing a pony. It is written very much with the first time owner in mind from a writer who is very experienced at distilling sometimes complex and overwhelming information and presenting this to someone new to the subject.