"Thomas Wilson's Ironwork Notebooks: Inspiration from a Master" Book

$ 45.00

By Sally Adam

This collection of 5,000+ designs from Thomas Wilson’s drawing notebooks harvests the creative output of four decades of ironwork design. Wilson—ironwork designer, master blacksmith, artist, sculptor, illustrator, author, and restorer—is at the forefront of design in metal. The designs here demonstrate the core role that drafting and drawing play in artistic work. Rendered on everything from notebook pages to paper napkins, they range from traditional to wildly creative. This volume incorporates the best of all that Wilson's eyes and mind have absorbed, and offers inspirational creative reference for anyone interested in design. Some of the drawings are spontaneous, simple idea sketches; others are fully evolved renderings of works of art. From chairs to hinges, chandeliers to fences, benches to belt buckles, the images will inspire design professionals, architects, interior designers, art students, blacksmiths, ironwork enthusiasts, jewelers, and artists of all kinds.

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