Weigh Tapes

$ 6.75
Weigh Tapes – Estimates weight of cows, goats, horses, swine and trophy deer.

Beef Stock Tape estimates beef cattle weights according to body condition – thin to very fleshy. One side gives scale in inches and pounds; the opposite side has same scale in centimeters and kilograms. 108" long tape includes instructions and helpful tips. For weights up to 1600 lbs. English only.

Weight-By-Breed Dairy Cow Tape has three separate scales for Holsteins, Guernseys and Jerseys, and easy to compare average weights at 3 and 6 months of age. Can also be used to determine lightest recommended breeding weights and average first calving weights. 108" long tape measures weights from 57 to 1975 lbs and lengths in inches. English only.

Dual-Scale Dairy Goat Tape is 54"/137 cm long and estimates weights up to 195 lbs/88.4 kg. Works for all breeds of dairy goats; includes tips and instructions for proper use. English only.

Horse/Pony Tape accurately estimates weight of ponies and horses (except for the largest breeds), tells height in hands and serves as a quick, efficient daily conditioning guide. For weights up to 1321 lbs. 80" long. English only.

Hog Tape estimates weights of hogs from 125 to 260 lbs. Tape is accurate for many breeds. Estimates weight by both body length and heart girth. 60" long tape with inches scale. English only.

Trophy Deer Tape estimates live weight, dressed weight and amount of edible meat of your deer kill. Also, for measuring antler spread and beam diameter using the inches scale on the reverse side. For live weights to 380 lbs. English only.

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