Zgb Team Wheeler Saddle Figure 8 Terret

$ 303.70
All Zilco ZGB & Classic saddles are constructed using our unique elastomeric flexible tree, which conforms to the shape of most horses whilst giving good spine clearance.

Saddles are fitted with high density removable foam panels that are contoured. They can be positioned on the saddle via touch-tape backing to suit each horse's individual shape, providing an optimum fit.

These improved models also feature Zilco's new purpose-molded, abrasion resistant wear pads for greater durability.

The ZGB saddle, with it's wider bearing surface is ideal for heavy duty driving, marathons and working horses.

This saddle features Zilco's new removable, 45mm thick, high density foam panels for improved comfort to the horse. The saddle girth points are 32mm (1 1/4") wide and are lined for durability.

This Figure 8 model is supplied in all ZGB and Elite harness sets. It has a large terret on one side and a Figure 8 terret on the other.

The Figure 8 terret should be attached on the near side for the near side wheeler, or on the off side for the off side wheeler. The wheeler rein is fed through the bottom loop and the leader rein is fed through the top loop - to prevent them from becoming tangled.