Equi-Thane Superfast 210cc -VETTEC

$ 27.57

Equi-Thane Superfast 210cc -VETTEC

Super Fast is a fast setting, highly durable urethane formula that is ideal for making custom shoes directly on the hoof, as well as medial, lateral and toe extensions on foals. It sets in 30 seconds and is weight bearing in 2.5 minutes. Custom shoes made from Super Fast, when properly applied, should last 5 to 6 weeks or longer. Super Fast can also be used to repair hoof wall defects, externally modify shoes and glue –on wood and urethane clogs.

  • Very Low VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • 30 Second Set Time – Weight Bearing in 2.5 Mins
  • Auto-Mix Cartridge System
  • Highly Durable, Strong Bonding Urethane
  • Consistent, predictable performance and set
  • Less harmful vapors – Non-flammable
  • Saves time on applications that require layering such as custom shoes and foal extensions
  • Bonds to itself and Adhere

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