Kerckhaert Steel Comfort Sport Clipped

$ 13.85


Sold as a pair or by the box (10 pairs per box).

Recommended nail: E-Head, Hybrid, Combo 5
Kerckhaert front shoe designed for ease of breakover and good support. Improves coordination of movement and optimized balance with less pressure on the tendons.

  • V-Crease
  • Clips between the 2nd and 3rd nail holes
  • Already marked to drill for traction devices in the heel area
  • 5-nail pattern
  • Punched for E-head, Hybrid, and 5 Combo nails
  • Built in Sole relief
  • Rolled toe and branches
  • Slightly thicker and wider heels than original Steel Comfort
  • 5-nail pattern offers extra nailing options
  • Beveled inside web of shoe promotes cleanout
  • V-Crease provides more secure nail fit to hold shoes better
  • Fully boxed & safed heels
  • Provides good breakover
  • Thicker shoe provides additional wear
  • Sole relief is built into the shoe
  • Clipped shoes save time at the anvil