Sound Horse Sigafoos Series I - Morrison Roller

$ 120.80

Sound Horse Sigafoos Series I Morrison Roller

This shoe has a slightly raised heel as well as a rolled heel and rolled toe to ease landing and break-over. The heel elevation can easily be forged or ground down to create a full roller motion style shoe or left as a wedge if indicated.

Morrison Roller Motion

The Roller Motion Shoe is versatile and beneficial in the treatment of some chronic forms of laminitis, heel pain, certain forms of navicular disease, rebalancing the adult club foot and improving sole depth. It is used successfully to rehabilitate many different conditions of the foot and manage various diseases of the foot in performance, pasture, and breeding horses.

Performance Blue
Available in sizes 4-10
(equivalent to sizes 00 thru 3)
1 configuration – Series I cuffed shoes
Morrison Roller Motion shoes combined with the Blue rim pad offer excellent shock reduction. The 90 Shore “A” scale urethane will not take a compression set and is useful in sport, competitive and clinical applications.

Therapeutic Black
Available in sizes 4-9
1 configuration – Series I cuffed shoes
Black rim pads deliver superior shock reduction and are unmatched for clinical and therapeutic applications. This Black 60 Shore “A” scale urethane is 3x softer than the already remarkable SoundHorse Blue performance rim pad. Black rim pads combined with the Morrison Roller Motion shoes are particularly useful in treating the seriously or profoundly sore hoof found in laminitic or arthritic horses and those recovering from traumatic damage.

Does not contain adhesive.